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Connecting People via Events


Connecting People via Events

Designing Interactions to Match Event-goers


The goal of this app is to connect people via social events. Users are able to choose events they are interested in attending, see matches interested in similar events, and message matches.

My Role

For this project I was the lead UX and product designer. I worked alongside the founder to make decisions about onboarding, sign up, matching individuals, setting preferences, messaging interactions, and the overall experience of finding events and connecting with others. I created the interaction design, wireframes, and prototype used for development and pitches to investors.




Before we began designing the UI of the app we needed to understand the initial steps users would go through and how they would navigate within the app. This meant we needed to pick the most important features and tasks that the user would accomplish. One of the primary tasks was signing up for the app. Once the user was inside the member area, we wanted to land them directly into event selection; they could have the opportunity to change their settings and filters, but initially we wanted them to see what the events app offered.



Pre Sign up

It was imperative that users login through Facebook so the app could have access to their contacts in order to feed the match percentage algorithm. Thus, the only action a user could do at this stage is log in or sign up with Facebook. The carousel on the landing page is designed to represent the app as fun, carefree, youthful, and hip with an emphasis on doing activities.  

Sign up and Preferences

The primary interactions the user experiences are signing up, setting notification preferences, setting event preferences, selecting events, viewing matches, and messaging.  


A core interaction for this app is the ability to swipe left and right on events. Much like dating apps, the app gives users the ability to swipe through events that resonate with them, then based on their interests, they are matched with individuals who are interested in the same events. The purpose of the app is simply to connect with people who enjoy similar activities and meet them at an event.




This product is currently being developed and cannot be published publicly. If you would like more information about the prototype, feel free to contact me

Next Steps

The founder of this app, Linda Yang, has been able to successfully pitch the product concept to investors and it is now being backed by Anomaly in New York City. The app is now available in beta.