Product Designer



About me

Solving problems by using design processes has been a long-standing passion of mine. Ever since reading Design Revolution by Emily Pilloton, I have believed in the power of design to create positive change and I strive to accomplish that with the work I do.

With a background in visual design, user experience, and front-end development, I have worked within a variety of industries: advertising, branding, and tech. I received my master’s from Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute, where I learned to approach problems from design, business, and engineering perspectives.

Most recently I have been designing software and apps in augmented reality using computer vision and object/facial recognition. I am interested in industries that are solving new and emerging problems that have the potential to have a positive impact.

Thanks for learning about me and feel free to drop me a line.


My email is and you can connect with me on social media as well.